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March Pet Business Astrology Forecast – 2017

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  Passion and inspiration rule when the lion steps into March. High energy and action combine with sensitivity. That’s because the eight out of ten planets now traveling in fire and water are great for emotional expression and grandstanding. Not so much for objectivity and common sense. Vulnerability is just under the surface of bravado. The gym is a good place to work off fire’s excess energy. Enjoy the drama, participate if you like: just don’t burn your bridges and wait for temperatures to cool before committing to anything of substance. Jupiter, whose energy exaggerates whatever it touches, stand opposite Uranus, planet of ingenuity and eccentricity. Both stand at...

Pet Holidays – March 2017

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  Pet Holidays by Month for March 2017 • Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month • Dolphin Awareness Month • Prevention Of Animal Cruelty Month • Pet Poison Prevention Month   Pet Holidays by Week for March 2017           2nd week: • Professional Pet Sitters Week • National Aardvark Week • International Festival of Owls Week 3rd week: • National Wildlife Week • National Animal Poison Prevention Week   Pet Holidays by Date for March 2017 March 1 National Horse Protection Day National Pig Day March 3 If Pets Had Thumbs Day March 13 K9 Veteran’s Day March 14 Save A Spider Day Learn About Butterflies Day March 15 Buzzard’s...

PugDala Coloring Book Wins the Maxwell Medallion for the Series of Illustrations or Photography Category from Dog Writers Association of America

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  Author Laurren Darr and Graphic Designer Maria Charina Gomez given gold medals of honor for PugDala Coloring Book       Left Paw Press is pleased to announce that, during an awards luncheon at Hotel Pennsylvania, PugDala Coloring Book was named the winner of the Maxwell Medallion by the Dog Writers Association of America in the Series of Illustrations or Photography category. Author Laurren Darr took home medal honors for herself and graphic designer Maria Charina Gomez.      Darr commented, “I’m practically speechless at this honor. The competition for the Maxwell awards is so tough, it was an honor just to be nominated. For the PugDala Coloring Book to win the coveted...

HamsterDala Coloring Book by Laurren Darr Released by Left Paw Press

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  HamsterDala Coloring Book is the ninth book in the ‘Dala coloring book series – over 50 mandalas and affirmation/mantra pages included         Left Paw Press is pleased to announce the release of another adult coloring book titled HamsterDala Coloring Book created by Laurren Darr. People can gain clarity, focus, and peace by coloring HamsterDalas. There are over 50 hamster mandalas and mantras/affirmations included. Mandalas are a form of therapy used by thousands worldwide. People seeking to calm their thoughts and increase their productivity can focus on coloring mandalas every day. Now, anyone with a love of anything related to farms and a desire for calm has a source for...

February Pet Business Astrology Forecast – 2017

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  An overabundance of hotheads and know-it-alls seems to be running rampant. Their false confidence and bravado mask self-doubt and inadequacy. Rest assured that the louder the voice and more reckless the words, the emptier they are. Chalk it up to a slow-moving letter ‘T’ formation in effect through March that includes Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Fortunately, Sun’s motion through mental, analytical Aquarius makes it easy to maintain a healthy detachment from the noise and drama.   Mercury, planet of communication, aids the Sun when it enters Aquarius on the 7th. There is some adult supervision courtesy of Saturn and Uranus playing nice together. This keeps the blowhard element...

Pet Holidays – February 2017

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  Pet Holidays – February 2017 by Month • Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month           • Dog Training Education Month • National Bird Feeding Month • National Cat Health Month • National Pet Oral / Dental Health Care Month • National Wild Bird-Feeding Month • Responsible Pet Owner / Animal Guardian Month • Spay / Neuter Awareness Month • Prevent A Litter Month • Unchain A Dog Month • International Hoof Care Month   Pet Holidays February 2017 by Week            2nd week: • Homes For Birds Week • Have A Heart for Chained Dogs Week 3rd week: • National Wildlife Week • National Justice for Animal Week • National Nestbox...

Latest Pet Fashion Headlines – January 2017

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  Following are the latest pet fashion headlines with links.   Fashionista Winter Wonderland – Pet Fashion glistens like fresh snow this holiday season – Lucky Puppy article by Laurren Darr ‘Master Pet Couturier’ donates clothing to UCAPS for Union County shelter dogs Pet Lovers, Sharpen Your Crayons! Pet Instagram Review: Fuzzberta & Friends, the fashion-friendly group of guinea pigs Acosta Unleashes New Hot Topic Report About the Pet Parenting Boom Now Horses Can Bundle Up In Ridiculously Cute Christmas Onesies, Too Woman Knits Tiny Sweaters For Rescued Chickens To Keep Them Warm Spot’s Corner: Dressing up your pets Paw-litical Party off Worth Avenue benefits Share-A-Pet Wish Factory’s Pets Rock...

January Pet Business Astrology Forecast – 2017

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Inspiration is strong as the New Year opens and so is the potential to manifest your dreams. By writing down your goals and discussing them with people you trust, you ground and clarify your thinking. The key to achievement is to stay connected with pursuits that fuel your passion. Creative juices are turned way up when Venus enters Pisces on the 4th.   Venus rules art, creativity as well as romance and money. Your imagination is very rich as the doors to the unconscious open just a bit wider now. Pay attention to your dreams. If you are dating, this month is a good time to put feelers out....

Pet Holidays – January 2017

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  January Holidays by Month             • Adopt A Rescued Bird Month • National Train Your Dog Month • Walk Your Pet Month January Holidays by Week 2nd week: • Bald Eagle Appreciation   January Holidays By Date          Janaury 1 Polar Bear Plunge Or Swim Day January 2 National Pet Travel Safety Day Happy Mew Year For Cats Day January 5 National Bird Day January 10 Save The Eagles Day Janaury 14 Bald Eagle Appreciation Day National Dress Up Your Pet Day National Seeing Eye Dog Day January 20 National Penguin Awareness Day January 21 Squirrel Appreciation Day January 22 National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day January 24 Change A...