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CatDala Coloring Book Wins Certificate of Excellence from Cat Writers Association


In their annual awards competition, the CatDala Coloring Book received a Certificate of Excellence from the Cat Writers Association. The book was created by Laurren Darr as a part of the ‘Dala coloring books series that features pets, mandalas, and affirmations in coloring books.

CatDala Coloring Book is one of several books in the ‘Dala Coloring book series by Laurren Darr and Left Paw Press. Following is a listing of additional books in the series along with links on Amazon.

PugDala Coloring Book

CatDala Coloring Book


ChickenDala Coloring Book

OwlDalas Coloring Book

FarmDala Coloring Book

HorseDala Coloring Book

FishDala Coloring Book

HamsterDala Coloring Book

UnicornDala Coloring Book